Excluding Black Panther, we still have four movies left of Phase 3, but that won’t stop people like myself hoping and speculating Marvel’s next moves!

The obvious films we’ll see are the sequels to the characters that haven’t achieved their trilogies yet – Ant-Man/The Wasp and the Guardians seem to be the next ones to do so (with James Gunn currently writing GOTG Vol.3, and Ant-Man co-star, Michael Peña kiiinda confirming a third antsized outing).

Stark, Cap and Thor have all had their runs it seems, hence why there doesn’t seem to be any word on their future films beyond Avengers 4. The Marvel formula seems to be: Each hero gets their own trilogy, then after that, they simply feature in other people’s movies as well as the ensemble Avengers flicks. We don’t know their fates just yet, but if not all of them simply die, you can expect them to take more of a backseat in the MCU, to help shift focus towards the “newcomers”, which, at this point, are Doctor Strange, Black Panther, Spidey and Captain Marvel.

So what I’m going to talk about here is not just what sequels we’ll see… because that’s easy. I’m going to talk about what I want to see happen in them, using my knowledge, as well as sheer hopes and fantasies! (NOTE: I won’t discuss possible Black Panther sequel storylines right now seeing as though not everyone has seen it yet! Though a sequel is more than likely).

Spider-Man 2:
With a 2020 release date already confirmed, this movie has surpassed the hypothetical stage! The question is, what’s it all about? Well, thankfully, Amy Pascal and Kevin Feige spoke briefly about it, saying that the movie would start straight after the events of Avengers 4. Not knowing the outcome of that film makes it quite tricky to figure out, but knowing that the whole cosmic infinity crusade is Spidey’s first Avengers outing, Peter Parker’s sequel will most likely focus around settling back down to ‘reality’. Imagine fighting numerous space battles during the summer and then having to go back to school?! What a nightmare! We see Mack Gargan (Scorpion) teased on multiple occasions during the first movie, so we’ll most likely see him return more prominently, though I don’t think he’ll be the main villain. Tom Holland has expressd his interest in Kraven the Hunter, saying that he’s one of his favourite Spidey villains… and I’d have to agree. The odd character (and his motives) may be difficult to translate onto the big screen, but if you can bring a sentient tree and a talking raccoon to life, then anything is possible. It’s also said that another hero will feature in “Spidey 2”, much like how Iron-Man was a supporting role for him the first time around. This is where I talk about who I’d like to see Spider-Man buddy up with: Drax! How stupid and impractical would that be? Imagine Peter hiding this brute of an alien inside of his tiny room and sneaking him around the apartment away from Aunt May. Peter is a clever kid, so having to put up with Drax’s literal and blunt way of thinking/processing would make for some great, counter-productive action. Besides, in the first Guardians movie, Drax says to Quill regarding Earth, “Sounds like a place I would like to visit”. The idiotic brawler will more than likely have his wish come true during Infinity War, which makes it possible that he could stay behind sneakily, or (even funnier) he gets left behind by accident as the Milano flies back into space once Avengers 4 ends. It’s a long shot I guess, but if I worked for Marvel, I’d totally pitch this!

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.3:
James Gunn has stated that the third movie will be the wrap-up for most of the current Guardians of the Galaxy, which makes me think that some will either die or retire, whilst newcomers come forth to ‘replace’ them. By the looks of things, the Sovereign will play a larger role, seeing as though Ayesha is responsible for creating Adam Warlock. I think Adam will actually be the villain for most of the film, simply following orders from Ayesha whilst figuring out who he is and if his destructive purpose is set in stone. I think we’ll also see the classic Guardians (led by Stallone) team up with the Starlord and friends… maybe even mixing, matching and splitting one another up into different teams throughout the film. Another cool idea I thought about what bringing Iron-Man into it. His intrigue of dangers that lie beyond the stars, and his impulsive desire to keep fighting crime after trying to call it quits numerous times may play into his choice to take a vacation to deep space. Once the Guardians come into the fold during Infinity War, the Avengers’ world suddenly becomes much bigger than before, as they’re no longer bound to their home planet. Iron-Man has actually joined the Guardians team in the comics, whilst sporting a pretty cool space suit. I feel like this could be possible… depending on whether or not Stark dies however. There is also a fear of overusing Iron-Man too, seeing as though he’s featured in the most movies in the MCU.

Ant-Man/The Wasp 2 (Ant-Man 3):
This is confusing – so will this be Ant-Man and The Wasp 2 or will it be Ant-Man 3? Is Ant-Man and The Wasp even considered Ant-Man 2? Eh, the main thing is, it’ll be Scott’s third flick. The second mini adventure is looking good, judging from the teaser trailer, and I can’t wait to see the villain Ghost in action. They’re definitely returning to the Quantum Realm in hopes of rescuing Janet Van Dyne. Whether or not they’re fully sucessful is yet to be seen, but we can still try and figure out Scott and Hope’s future. The only thing I can think of that can be the catalyst for a third ‘save the world in a small-scale manner’ movie is something to do with the Quantum Realm. In the comics, there are creatures that inhabit these sub-atomic worlds. If our heroes unintentionally find them and/or awaken them, it could mean disaster for our world. Another idea I have is something to do with nanobots: extremely tiny machines that can complete tasks that would be impossible for a pair of human hands. Most nanobot inventors have good intentions, but what’s stopping a supervillain from forcing humans to inhale a swarm of deadly micro machines? I would absolutely LOVE a homage to the 1966 film, Fantastic Voyage, where a submarine crew shrink down and journey into a scientist’s body to mend his damaged brain. How cool would a whole battle scene look inside of someone’s body?! Imagine them fighting their way from one end of the body to the other, as the human’s organs and bodily functions become obstacles. I’d also love a homage to the classic Japanese Godzilla movies with Giant-Man VS some huge monster, crashing into tall skyscrapers and essentially causing a big mess.

Doctor Strange 2:
Scott Derrickson has expressed his interest in the villain Nightmare. The name tells you everything you need to know really. Okay, hear me out on this: Think back to the first Ghostbusters movie when there’s a huge rise in paranormal activity and there’s just ghosts and ghouls flying around causing havoc. I think it’d be cool if a similar thing happened. Imagine a rupture between the alternate dimensions (similar to Thor the Dark World when the Convergence bled the 9 realms together momentarily). Big cities are suddenly full of unexplainable creatures and entities from vast and diverse dimensions that no one knew existed. Now, that sounds like a ‘Nightmare’ to me. It would be a twist on the villain’s usual intentions, but it would make for some pretty rad calamities. Another villain we should expect to see is Mordo – returning to fulfil the duties he feels are right. According to him, there are “Too many sorcerers,” and we saw that he had learnt to extract the magical energy from people. Has he learnt to do this himself? Or has he learnt it from someone? If so, this could be another villain; Brother Voodoo. It could unlock a new range of sorcery in the form of Voodoo, where powers are able to be taken away and redistributed. Both the Nightmare and Voodoo premises are exciting to me, but there is one thing that will unfold for certain: Strange’s journey to becoming Sorcerer Supreme. Though I don’t think we’ll see it happen until the third movie, the second film will definitely highlight the dangers and hardwork that come with becoming such an unparallelled force of mystic might. For all I care, call the second movie ‘Doctor Strange: Realm of Nightmares’, or ‘Doctor Strange: Voodoo Rising’, then simply call the third one ‘Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme’. Also… how amazing would it be if Loki teamed up with him?! It would be in no way a harmonious experience, but that’s why it’d be so good! We kind of got a taste of it during Ragnarok, and I doubt I’m the only one who wants to see these two magic wielders join forces in a disfunctional way. Strange could learn from the mischief and tricks, and Loki could learn from the discipline and sense of duty. Loki was taught on Asgard, and Strange has learnt on Earth by reading countless books. Their experinces are incredibly different, so their diversity would work wonders. Plus, just the fact that Benedict Cumberbatch and Tom Hiddleston would be fighting side by side is enough reason for Marvel to say yes!

Captain Marvel 2:
Perhaps a little early to try and figure out the premise to the sequel, but hey-ho, what else am I gonna do at 3am in the morning? Sleep?! I don’t think so. From what we know (and what we can tell), Captain Marvel’s first movie is set in the 90’s with a Nick Fury that has perfect eyesight. This indicates that she will be tied to SHIELD in some way once she aquires her powers. The thing we have to figure out is where she’s been all this time if it’s set in the 90’s, and why she’s suddenly brought into the fold for Avengers 4 after being seemingly dormant (and essentially nonexistent). Chances are, the aftermath of her first movie leaves her trapped in space, caught in the middle of the Skrull/Kree war. Both aliens races are too big to shrug off and disregard so easily, so I imagine that both aliens will continue to play a role in Captain Marvel 2. More importantly however, I think the sequel will mostly focus on Carol not only returning to Earth (after Avengers 4), but making herself properly known to the world. Will the world accept this incredibly powerful, god-like hero? Will she even feel like she still belongs on Earth, or if she’s even wanted there for that matter? We could also see the whole Secret Invasion begin to take effect in the MCU, which could possibly roll over into Avengers 5 and be the plot of that film. The shapeshifting Skrulls would cause mayhem and disarray from the inside, and hinder friendships between the heroes. No one would know who to trust!

A Bucky Movie (Cap 4):
I know I said all that about the ‘trilogy rule’, but if someone other than Steve Rogers became Captain America, it would be more of a fresh start rather than a fourth Cap film. There’s been a few moments (including deleted scenes) that elude to Bucky picking up the shield eventually… and if Cap happens to die during his fight with Thanos then it would be the ideal time for Bucky to become more than just the guy with the metal arm. Falcon is a possible candidate as well, but between Bucky and Sam, I feel like Sebastian’s character would benefit from evolving more. Without the shield, Falcon can still fly and has reconnaissance skills. For Bucky, he is nothing more than a skilled fighter and soldier (sorry Tumblr fan girls), but give him a star spangled suit and a shield, and it gives the character a whole new dimension – the Sergeant would be promoted to Captain! So if this is the case, the dawn of a new era can begin. The movie could focus on Bucky mourning the loss of Steve, and whether he could ever live up to what he was able to achieve. Would the world accept and idolise someone who was previously a Hydra assassin? It could be a great redemption story, as he eradicates any remaining demons whilst also proving himself not only as a hero, but as a worthy and rightful replacement for Steve. A Bucky and Black Widow enspionage/team-up movie with this premise would be pretty cool too.

Namor the Submariner:
Now then, we finally get to a debut character for Phase 4! Though Namor was one of the first ever Marvel heroes, we’ve never seen him brought to the big screen. Now would be the perfect time, as there’s this little thing currently going on called the MCU… perhaps you’ve heard of it. The ocean covers 70% of our planet, and we know more about space than we do about our deep waters – that’s crazy! Forget movies for a moment, there could actually be an Atlantis for all we know because we haven’t even managed to fully explore our oceans yet. This could also be a plausible reasoning for Namor and the whole of Atlantis to suddenly ‘pop up’ within the MCU. It is such an integral place, and much like Wakanda, it is somewhat segregated from the rest of the world, making it feel like it may as well be alone. Namor could bring something new to the MCU… after all, Marvel Studios always seem to try new/different things all the time to keep the franchise fresh and progressive. Portrayed as a stern and often arrogant sea dweller, he could maybe serve as a villain during his first appearance (before joining the Avengers). I think the only issue when it comes to water-related heroes, their presence and required contribution is potentially unnecessary. Not only would Namor be a difficult character to bring to life, but I feel like it would be challenging to make him feel relevant and integral… but if Marvel Studios are up to the challenge then I’d implore it.

Right, there you have it… my fantasy Phase 4! Come back in a couple years time when I do the same for Phase 5! Do you like the sound of my ideas and theories? Or do you think they’re terrible? What movies and stories do you hope for? Let me know!