are there any british marvel heroes or villain…

are there any british marvel heroes or villains?

Captain Britain, Spider-Woman, Blade, Psylocke, Professor X, Marvel Man, Mister Sinister, The High Evolutionary, Proteus, Ka-Zar, Spitfire, Elsa Bloodstone, Chamber, Pixie, Meggan, Wolfsbane, Morgan Le Fey, Justin Hammer, Pete Wisdom, Garokk, Toad, to name but a few.

A lot of these characters were Americanized when they appeared in movies from other studios – particularly Blade and Psylocke. Pyro was also originally British and referred to as “the Englishman” in his first comic-book appearance but was later retconned to Australian. Rocket Raccoon was also established to have a British accent in the comics and animated shows, but was later made American for the movies. Technically, Fantomex is also British, though he speaks with a French accent.