Here are some of my favourite shots from the trailer (which I’d be more inclined to call a teaser to be honest!)

Marvel are still clearly holding as much as possible close to their chests. Hype aside, all we see is a few long shots of scenery and only a handful of characters. I was hoping for some epic shots, but it was seemingly going for a more sombre tone, which is cool don’t get me wrong.

Most noticable features include Hawkeye, now donning the Ronin outfit after what most of us presume to be the loss of his family. Stark is straight up stranded in space with I guess Nebula, unless she bounces and leaves him for dead before the footage we see in the trailer, because there is a shot of her inside of the ship. We also see Thanos sort of limping, with the damaged gauntlet still singed to his arm (like I said would be the case – go me!) The snap certainly took a toll on him.

I’m assuming the next trailer will be where it’s at, in terms of story and epic shots. All I can say for now is… I want more, I need more! Most importantly, I’d put all my chips on “Endgame” being the title and it was!

What did you guys think? Let me know! For now, go watch the trailer again here: