Words do not do this film justice. I heavily recommend multiple viewings just for your brain to visually process this perfect comicbook movie.

It doesn’t waste time catering to the normal moviegoers; it rewards you for investing 11 years into these 22 movies. If each movie leading up is an episode, Endgame is the ultimate season finale.

I feel cathartic, satisfied, and astounded for starters. From a filmmaking/cinematography standpoint, it’s visually amazing as well. It’s everything I wanted and more… I just can’t put it into words properly, I’m sorry!

My (Non-Spoiler) reaction to Endgame:

I’ve tried not to use anything that could be deemed implicit, but if you want to go in with zero expectations, don’t read on – these are just my thoughts…

No amount of expression can properly convey what I just experienced. It’s just such an incredible franchise! I don’t think I’ll ever be able to express it in such a way it deserves, which in a way speaks for itself.