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“Don’t scare me like that, coloniser!”

Black Panther (2018) dir. Ryan Coogler


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Black Panther or Spiderman: Homecoming


Black Panther (2018), dir. Ryan Coogler


Empowering Heroes – Black Panther and Wonder Woman

What they do have in common:
Both T’Challa and Diana are the superheroic and political ambassadors of isolated secret nations where oppressed social groups thrive and make healthy societies that work on their own.
Themyscira and Wakanda are similar narrative devices to turn the tables on different real world inequalities, each focusing on gender or ethnicity (though BP does a GREAT job of representation with gender relationships and female empowerment).
As a tiny note, they both do the arms crossed sign and I felt the link between both was intentional.
And most important, they both are game changers in the entertainment industry, putting underrepresented demographies on leading roles in a genre that is all about empowerment, and proving that representation is needed and wanted.
They’re not equivalent, their fights are not the exact same, but they’re akin and I can totally imagine them as allies and supporting each other at the UN meetings.
Qué tienen en común:
Tanto T’Challa como Diana son embajadorxs políticx y superheroicxs de naciones secretas y aisladas donde grupos sociales oprimidos prosperan y generan sociedades saludables que funcional en sí mismas.
Themyscira y Wakanda son dispositivos narrativos similares que invierten las dinámicas de diferentes desigualdades del mundo real, enfocándose en género o etnia según el caso (aunque Black Panther también hace un GRAN trabajo de representación en relaciones de género y empoderamiento femenino).
Como detalle, ambos hacen el saludo de cruzar los brazos y sentí que el guiño era intencional.
Lo más importante, ambos son puntos de inflexión en en la industria del entretenimiento, colocando demografías poco representadas en roles protagónicos en un género que es sobre todo sobre empoderamiento, probando que esa representación es algo necesario y deseado.
No son equivalentes, sus causas no son exactamente las mismas, pero son afines y me los puedo imaginar como aliadxs y apoyándose mutuamente en las reuniones de la ONU.



Great, another broken white boy for us to fix!


Black Panther (2018) dir. Ryan Coogler

Black Panther (2018) dir. Ryan Coogler


Being one of the rare characters in this film that has been outside of Wakanda on a regular basis, how much are you developing your character inside the framework of Wakanda versus inside the framework of the real world?

“Personally I’ve never been to Wakanda. [Laughs]. That’s a very interesting question. Very scientific. I don’t really know how to answer it except to say that, I mean, I think that I could answer it myself, as Lupita. I know that I’m from Kenya, but so much of my character is formed by that I’ve lived so many other places, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t identify with where I’m from. In fact, it’s the foundation of who I am. I think that would apply to Nakia as well. I think as a War Dog, she is in service to her country and to her passion, which is linked to the outside world. [So more in service to her country than to her king?] Well, that’s the dilemma, isn’t it? I think we see in this film, Nakia has to figure out what comes first for her.”

Lupita Nyong’o talks about her character Nakia in ‘Black Panther’

You would kill me my love? For Wakanda? Without question. —Black Panther (2018)