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SDCC 2019: Kevin Feige introduced Mahershala Ali as Blade! Not only that – Marvel Studios’ Blade will also slash its way into theaters!




are there any british marvel heroes or villains?

Captain Britain, Spider-Woman, Blade, Psylocke, Professor X, Marvel Man, Mister Sinister, The High Evolutionary, Proteus, Ka-Zar, Spitfire, Elsa Bloodstone, Chamber, Pixie, Meggan, Wolfsbane, Morgan Le Fey, Justin Hammer, Pete Wisdom, Garokk, Toad, to name but a few.

A lot of these characters were Americanized when they appeared in movies from other studios – particularly Blade and Psylocke. Pyro was also originally British and referred to as “the Englishman” in his first comic-book appearance but was later retconned to Australian. Rocket Raccoon was also established to have a British accent in the comics and animated shows, but was later made American for the movies. Technically, Fantomex is also British, though he speaks with a French accent. 


“Some motherfuckers are always trying to ice skate uphill.”

Hey I just read that Marvel developed a War machine film but scrapped it????? they bin developing out else? cheers

Back in 2006, when they were still planning out the MCU they were developing a ‘Nick Fury’ movie. They also considered ‘Doctor Strange’ as the first MCU movie before they settled on ‘Ironman’. ‘Runaways’ was also considered for Phase 1 and had a script ready but was shelved when they decided to do ‘The Avengers’.

Marvel Studios had a screenwriting programme in 2009 where Nicole Perlman and several other writers were given their choice of ten lesser-known properties to develop movie treatments for. She picked ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ and got it to a place where they decided to green-light it. Shang Chi, Taskmaster, Nighthawk, and Vision were rumored to be some of the other properties though it’s never been officially confirmed.

Then in 2010 Marvel Studios had meetings with writers again about developing movies for lesser known properties including War Machine, Power Pack, and reportedly Ka-Zar. Nicole Perlman also did an in-depth treatment for a ‘Black Widow’ movie at some point and that movie has now moved to the script stage. A ‘Hawkeye’ movie was also being developed at one point very early on but was never mentioned again.

‘Inhumans’ was also obviously in development and even officially announced before Marvel Television got their hands on it. It’s also been reported that Marvel have a script for a ‘Blade’ reboot but Marvel never officially confirmed nor denied it. 

Feige and Gunn have also confirmed in interviews that they’ve discussed using ‘Captain Britain’ and ‘Nova’ in the MCU, though they never specified whether it would be in their own movies. And as far as I’m aware that’s it. 

The Midnight Sons! I would like to see Blade and Moon Knight get their own solo movies. Morbius needs to be the villain in a Spider-man sequel, then Ghost Rider (Johnny Blaze) could cameo or be hinted at in a Doctor Strange sequel, then all four of them – Blade, Moon Knight, Morbius, Ghost Rider, team up in a ‘Midnight Sons’ movie fighting a major supernatural villain such as Dracula or Mephisto. Doctor Strange could cameo. It would be a good way to introduce other characters too such as Man Thing, Elsa Bloodstone, Lilith, and Hannibal King. It’s time to introduce the monsters side of the universe. 

Also, you know ‘Cloak and Dagger’ have a TV show coming up, right? It’s part of the MCU and will air on Freeform in 2018. You can watch the first trailer here –

Well, so far the MCU movies have focused primarily on the Avengers. There’s still countless Avengers members to introduce such as She-Hulk, Captain Britain, Namor, and Spider Woman who could each get movies. If Batgirl can at Warner Brothers and Silver Sable can at Sony then any of those characters can. Besides, who says sequels can’t be surprising? Look at ‘Thor: Ragnarok’. 

They could go the occult route. Marvel could have Morbius be the villain in ‘Spider-man 2′. Then give Blade, Moon Knight, and Ghost Rider (Johnny Blaze) solo movies. Then have the four of them team up in a ‘Midnight Sons’ movie. Doctor Strange could cameo in it. Finally get the occult/magic side of the Marvel Universe in full swing. That could also set up a future Howling Commandos (monster team) movie with Man Thing and Hit Monkey. Other characters that could appear in those movies include Hannibal King, Daimon Hellstrom, or Elsa Bloodstone.

Or they could branch out further into the universe and space. Get a whole new ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ team. Give Nova a movie. Cancel the ‘Inhumans’ show and give them a movie (I wish). Or they could completely surprise people and make an Eternals movie. 

Or they could go next generation. Give the Young Avengers a movie, or Ms Marvel, or Miles Morales, or Spider-Gwen, or the Champions. 

There’s still plenty of options. People who think they’re running out of franchise ideas or material are thinking too small.