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sanshodelaine: after hours of work I finally f…


after hours of work I finally finished my captain marvel fanart. went nuts with the colors, because galaxy colors y’know… put a lot of symbolica/movie references in there too 😉

since I can’t visit any conventions atm art prints are available on INPRNT:



Initially it was a tattoo sketch that @snystrom commissioned from me (you can find black and white version on my instagram), but then I decided to color it

why-i-love-comics: Captain Marvel #2 – “Re-Ent…


Captain Marvel #2 – “Re-Entry II” (2019)

written by Kelly Thompson
art by Carmen Carnero & Tamra Bonvillain





Don’t worry, I won’t spoil anything.

Hopefully you’re all like me and absolutely adored Endgame wholeheartedly. After watching it, my friends and I have been wondering, how can they possibly top it? Well, think back to when you first watched Avengers in 2012; you probably thought the same thing back then, but here we are, 7 years later, still getting surprised to heck.

However, I think they don’t have to necessarily always go bigger and harder in a literal sense, because character development is just as important as spectacle when it comes to entertainment value. In other words, as long as they’re patient and build characters up like they did for the first 10 years, we’ll be emotionally invested no matter what, so it doesn’t really matter what kind of scenerio you put these chatacters into; the weight of stakes is deemed instantly heavier if you care for the heroes on screen.

In other words x2, I doubt they’ll ever replicate or top what we saw in Endgame in some respects/categories, simply because of everything it stood for, but that could be said for a future instalement in a different sense. It’s the same way you can’t replicate that initial circle shot of the original 6 from the first Avengers movie, but rest assured, there have been different things that can’t be topped/replicated since then.

Just look at each of the individual 22 films – some are better than others and people have different favourites, but they’re always consistently good in their own rights because of their unique signatures, so we’ve got nothing to worry about. Unfortunately though, a lot of people are always expecting bigger and better, regardless of whether it’s needed, so they lose appreciation. Like I always say though, each film is way above par when comparing it to other cinematic releases – it’s just at this point, the MCU movies are only ever compared to other MCU movies because they’re in their own top tier category – the only problem is, a lot of people don’t realise/recognise/accept that to be the case.

As I said before, I think a lot of it has to do with character development. The longer the movies go on, the deeper we’re invested. If they’d have done the things they did in Endgame in the first Avengers movie instead, yeah it would’ve been good, but it would’ve been a waste. Marvel were patient and built things up brick by brick for optimal payoff 7 years after the first Avengers. The only way it has the ability to constantly get bigger and better is because of the time between films and the development each installment contributes.

In short, emotional investment is key, so as long as that continues to flourish, develop and evolve in the future, the MCU will never fail, and it’s audience will never fall victim to fatigue. What do you guys think? No spoilers of course…



Do you know how tiring it is telling people that your best friend lives in space? They give you that look…that look people give 13-year-old boys who say they have a supermodel girlfriend who lives in Canada.

I get to be the canadian supermodel in this analogy?

You do.


My babies


To commemorate my sister’s birthday, and the mutal passion and obsession we’ve felt during this 11-year journey towards the Endgame, we got matching tattoos that the original six Avengers (minus Ruffalo) got!

It’s a subtle tattoo, and you don’t have to care for or understand the meaning behind it to appreciate it either – it’s great! The MCU has been our lives since its inception. It’s somehow shaped me as a person like you wouldn’t believe. It was also my sister’s first tattoo, go her!

It stands for the MCU as a whole, for the individual talented actors and the amazing heroes they play, and the bond between my sister and I.



Well, I, for one, feel so much safer now. 😉

War of the Realms #2 by Jason Aaron



Words do not do this film justice. I heavily recommend multiple viewings just for your brain to visually process this perfect comicbook movie.

It doesn’t waste time catering to the normal moviegoers; it rewards you for investing 11 years into these 22 movies. If each movie leading up is an episode, Endgame is the ultimate season finale.

I feel cathartic, satisfied, and astounded for starters. From a filmmaking/cinematography standpoint, it’s visually amazing as well. It’s everything I wanted and more… I just can’t put it into words properly, I’m sorry!

My (Non-Spoiler) reaction to Endgame:

I’ve tried not to use anything that could be deemed implicit, but if you want to go in with zero expectations, don’t read on – these are just my thoughts…

No amount of expression can properly convey what I just experienced. It’s just such an incredible franchise! I don’t think I’ll ever be able to express it in such a way it deserves, which in a way speaks for itself.