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I love how much Marvel are keeping close to their chests, considering that image of Hulk was from the Infinity War promo material, Iron-Man still has his Infinity War armour on, and Black Widow is shown with short blonde hair still.

At least we get a cool look at Thanos in full armour, though with a prestine gauntlet however. Interesting. He could have simply repaired it with the reality stone, or Marvel simply preferred to show the gauntlet in a better shape for the promo material.

Go back to the first Endgame trailer, and you’ll see a shot of the mad titan brushing his hands along the planet’s plants. If you look at the third picture, it matches up with that shot from the trailer. I’m assuming the movie will start on the other end of the space portal after he snaps his fingers and bounced from Wakanda. We’ll see him strolling up to his hideout no doubt.



After his firing last year due to poor-tasting, near-decade-old jokes in the form of tweets, Disney have brought him back to finish what he started.

Apparently, Disney and Gunn have been in talks for his return for a while, which begs one to think; how legitimate was his firing? To be fair, I never read anywhere that they weren’t thinking about bringing him back.

I think the best way to look at it is this: Disney do not tolerate those types provocative tweets, so they did the right thing by showing to the world that there are consequences. However, these tweets were way far in the past, and regardless of your style/sense of humour, they were indeed jokes. Yes, terrible jokes nonetheless, I’m not defending them.

This whole ordeal has essentially been “James, what you did was bad. Go sit on the naughty step for a while to prove to everyone as well as yourself that we don’t tolerate that sort of stuff. That being said, we recognise it’s in the past now and we see your are not only willing to behave now, but you have been doing so for nearly a decade”.

That’s how I see it anyways. Personally I’m glad he’s been given a chance to finish this signature trilogy – it just wouldn’t have been the same without him I don’t think. I’m sure the cast will be happy about this, and I’m certain they will all knock it out the park to ensure, us, the fans, have a great experience!





Scott with the Back to the Future vibes. How much time has passed? Is that Cassie’s house overgrown in the background? It’s all starting to sink in for him. Off to Avengers HQ you go for answers! It makes you wonder; was Ant-Man destined to be dusted by the snap, or did the Quantum Realm negate his disintegration? Or was he simply one of the lucky ones? If it is because the Quantum Realm protected him, then that’s crucial info which’ll benefit the Avengers greatly against the mad Titan.

War Machine finally getting some love! An epic upgrade to compensate for all the minimal ones he’d tend to get. I’m betting Rocket had a hand in sprucing him up if I’m honest! Speaking of the little raccoon, check out his cool comicbook-style outfit! Complete with goggles for extra badassery. I’ve come to the conclusion that every shot is automatically made awesome the moment Rocket is placed on someone’s shoulder!

Show of hands for everyone hoping that Nebula will be the surprise MVP? Everyone? Excellent! Nebs has had a pretty great arc since the first Guardians movie. If she doesn’t necessarily strike the finishing blow on her old Pops, I’m sure she’ll still have multiple great moments. Karen Gillan, my word, you were born to play Nebula! She’s incredibly underated in this ensemble, and this shot right here proves why she’s in this movie.

So much emotion in this shot, accompanied with the buckle-up shield strap just before. A selfless man at the brink of breaking point must not be underestimated. He doesn’t like bullies, he doesn’t care where they come from. He fights because it’s the right thing to do, so I believe we’re going to witness something incredible right here! Calling it now; this is when we’ll finally hear him say, “Avengers… assemble!”

Some people are saying these are Quantum suits, some are saying they’re simply space suits. Either way, they’re awesome! If I had to chose a side, I’d very much go with Quantum suits. Looking at Cap’s outfit in particular, I do get Ant-Man vibes from it. I don’t think these will be their prime suits for the movie however – just for a few sequences I think. It makes you wonder how much planning has gone into their endeavour, since they’ve had time to get cute outfits together and even pop a nifty “Avengers” logo on them.

Go Nebula! From doing Ronan’s dirty work and despising her sister, to marching along side Earth’s mightiest heroes. I don’t think it’s much of a spoiler seeing her and Stark here, since none of us genuinely thought they’d be adrift on the Benatar forever. I wonder if Cap and Tony will be awkward for the most part and reluctantly shake hands, or if they’ll forget everything and jump straight to the hugging. Half of the universe is toast (dust), differences are bound to be put aside.

A cheeky stinger to remind us that yes, Carol is very much a part of this movie, so go watch Captain Marvel! “I like this one,” Thor chuckles. So do we, Thor, so do we! I think she and Thor would make an awesome power couple, being what are essentially the tanks of the team (sorry, Hulk, you too when you decide to show up!) Notice how Black Widow still has her Infinity War hair, yet during their Quantum suit-up shots, her hair is much longer, so there’s certainly been at least a year and a half worth of preparation involved.

These were my favourite shots from the trailer. Which ones did you guys like the most? Let me know!

Also, check out the trailer for the hundredth time below:





Haven’t watched it yet because I’m stuck at work! I imagine it’s amazing! Enjoy!





What’s everyone’s thoughts on the movie? (Keeping it spoiler-free)…





For some reason, there’s been this toxic, volatile mass of incredibly opinionated people that have made their voices heard since this movie was announced in 2014, and their disgust for this film’s existence has only snowballed since. And here we are; the movie is out, the internet is pointlessly enraged (because internet), and people are dishing out their reviews. Some people just can’t wrap their heads around or accept that a female is the main hero, which is scarce throughout all superhero franchises at the moment. Is it fear hidden behind disgust? I don’t know. Whatever it is, it’s pretty sad.

Here’s the thing, it’s okay not being interested in a movie, but the way most negative people are coming across is sheer disapproval, not apprehension or scepticism. This goes for any film or franchise that has done the same, or is planning to do so. Heaven forbid we get an overdue female hero lead, twenty-one movies in, right?! But with all this being said, I’m going to review this movie simply as a movie. I’m not going to give it bonus points because she’s a woman, nor am I gonna lower my score because she’s a woman. I’m reviewing it as the next installment in the MCU, and as a standalone piece.

Right off the bat, I thoroughly enjoyed Captain Marvel. I’d read a few reviews before going to see it, but after seeing it for myself, I’m genuinely confused as to why the majority of people are giving it a “Yeaah, it’s alright”, reception. That’s fine of course, but I found a lot to love about this nostalgic, sci-fi, buddy-cop movie. It’s an above-par film when comparing it to other cinematic releases, but because we only tend to compare these films to other MCU installments at this point, people’s standards are incredibly high, and dare I say we’re somewhat spoilt because of this? I try to appreciate a movie for what it is, rather than what it isn’t… Regardless I enjoyed it.

Think of it this way… Imagine how hard it is to keep finding new/fresh ways of doing an origin story for a new character, whilst making sure it’s not the traditional style of origin, this far into a franchise. The lost memory and mystery keeps you guessing, and there were some very satisfying revelations. You have an idea of who she is and what she stands for, but you can’t help but think she’s being suppressed for some reason. You follow her journey, watching Carol slowly re-find herself to eventually let loose, showing what she’s truly made of (literally). The intrigue and mystery elements aren’t difficult to follow either so don’t worry about the movie unintentionally muddling itself with too much shroudery (yeah, I just made that word up, but you know what I mean).

Brie Larson plays both a convincing Captain Marvel and Carol Danvers. The stubbornness that masks her compassion lets you know that yes, don’t get on the wrong side of her, but it’s never in an arrogant way. She’s very likeable in the sense that she’s never unnecessarily rude. Yeah, in her urge to prove herself initially, she’s a little reckless, but that goes for every superpowered person that’s finding how far they can push it. As the movie goes on, the more she discovers about herself and the world she’s a part of. I could see a slow transition from start to finish. The human she truly is eventually works hand-in-hand with her god-like power, so you’re not just watching some crazy omnipotent being rip everything a new one, you see Carol at the same time.

It’s obvious I’m going to say Fury was awesome in this. I’m glad he had a lot to do in this, because I was worried he was gonna be a glorified cameo overused in the trailers, but he’s not. It was cool seeing this pre-avengers Nick not quite on top of the S.H.I.E.L.D foodchain, but you see how he eventually becomes so. Somehow, he has the most sass in the movie. The de-aging technology is literally unnoticeable too, it was like genuinely looking at a younger Sam Jackson. The same goes for Clark Gregg as Coulson. I was trying hard to spot any rubbery CGI on their faces, but I couldn’t. It was great.

Okay, I’ve been dying to talk about the Skrulls. I love, love, love them. I desperately want more of them in the future of the MCU. I don’t care what direction they take with them, I just wanna see them again. I appreciated the use of practical make-up for them, and I really dug Talos’ aussie accent. If I had to come up with an accent for a Skrull leader, I wouldn’t have thought of giving him such a voice, but I’m glad they did because it’s great. I have no issues with the supporting cast either, other than perhaps I’d have liked to have seen more, but there’s only so much you can fit into a debut film, when the hero is the focal point. What I will say is that it was nice revisiting the Kree and fleshing out their portion of the MCU.

Finishing up, I can’t wait to watch Captain Marvel again. The score, the aesthetics, the characters, and the references to the wider franchise (subtle and on the nose) were contributing factors to my enjoyment, but Captain Marvel as a hero is a why this movie succeeds. Well done Brie! Another fine addition to the MCU, and I can’t wait to see what she brings to the table for Endgame! If you’re not scared about a female being the lead role in a superhero movie, then you should enjoy it also.