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It’s week 2 of COSTOBERFEST, and we’re spotlighting some more favorites! Want to be featured? Email!

PoolieD (Deadpool) / 📷: Soul Studios
Fullmetal Fearie (Loki)
/ 📷: UMO Photo
Nerd Truth (Loki)

/ 📷: RGL Customs

Grady and Jesse (Archangel & Wolverine)
Auburnkt (Captain Marvel)
/ 📷: Bokeh Photo

Tashi.o Geekgirl Cosplay (Spider-Woman)
/ 📷: Eddie Wilson

Week 1 of Marvel’s COSTOBERFEST is here, and we’re spotlighting some of our favorites!

Goblin City Cosplay (Scarlet Witch) / 📷: BriLan Photography

Rex Adams (Captain America) / 📷: Annette Wamser

Coulson Lives Cosplay (Coulson)

Jake Ross (Infinity War Spider-Man) / 📷: Mick Barnes

Dandy Andy Cosplay (Endgame Captain America) / 📷: Chris Ly

Spicy Thai Design (Nova) / 📷: Little-Noise Photography

Brady (Spider-Man Noir) / 📷: Spencer Olson

Beckster’s Lab Cosplay (Wolverine) / 📷: Shane Taylor

Tech Tony (Ant-Man)

Marco (Spider-Man) / 📷: Adventur_EpicPhotography

Today’s spotlight is
Barb as Elektra! Located in Maryland, Barb has been cosplaying for five years
and doesn’t let not being able to sew get in her way. She truly believes anyone
can cosplay. 

Photo by Depth of Light Photography.

Today’s #Costoberfest spotlight is a team of cosplayers from Missouri and Illinois dressed as characters from “Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.”! 

Phil Coulson – Brian

Bobbi Morse – Courtney

Melinda May – Suzy Chang

Alphonso Mackenzie –
Jeremiah Johnson 

Daisy Johnson – Bri

Photography by Melissa

Costoberfest submissions end October 10th, so send yours today!