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August 11, 1964:
In the letters section of “Fantastic Four” #32,
Marvel printed a letter from a young fan named George R. R. Martin of
Bayonne, New Jersey. He praised the work by Stan, Jack, and crew in “Fantastic Four” #29,
but also pointed out some something they missed, ending his letter by
saying: “I’ll wish you good luck on all forthcoming books, but Stan,
don’t pull any more returning villains out of your hat. Next time tell
us how they remade the scene—o.k.? o.k.!”

Happy Halloween from some of Marvel’s creeeepiest monsters! Go: 😱


Marvel Studios have reportedly hired writing duo Matthew Firpo and Ryan Firpo to write a script for a movie based on ‘The Eternals’. Marvel fans were already introduced to one member of The Eternals in ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ when Thanos debuted as the first member of the alien race in the MCU!

death of inhumans? now the show flopped and disney getting the xmen back its time to say goodbye to mutants lite huh?

The classic Jack Kirby era Inhumans were actually amazing. They were mysterious and powerful cosmic heroes that lived in an isolated futuristic society in space. It makes me both sad and angry just how badly Ike Perlmutter damaged them by stripping them of everything that made them unique and forcing them into the spotlight at the expense of the X-Men, and then rushing out that terrible show to try and cash in on that. Now the general public just see them as these lame mutant rip-offs that he turned them into and they were so much more than that before he got his hands on them. He destroyed the credibility and popularity of the IP, possibly forever.