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Uncanny X-Men Varient cover by Jen Bartel.

buhstergold: Phoenix Resurrection: The Return …


Phoenix Resurrection: The Return of Jean Grey Vol 1 #1

failed-mad-scientist: Jean Grey – Jeff Dekal


Jean Grey – Jeff Dekal

thewhitehotroom: Coming This December it’s Me…


Coming This December it’s Merry X-Men! One book, 25 stories! Celebrate the Holiday Season with the all new Mutant One Shot.

On December 5, get in the holiday spirit with Marvel’s MERRY X-MEN!

Read 25 holiday tales of the merry mutants all in one issue! What does Magneto do for Hanukkah? What’s Rogue and Gambit’s first married Christmas like? Is Jubilee truly the master of navigating malls during the holidays? These questions and more are answered as all your favorite X-Men and more creators than you can shake a jingle bell at come together for a holiday celebration to last all month long!

Featuring stories from Chris Sims, Chad Bowers, Rainbow Rowell, Chris Claremont, Matt Rosenberg, Ed Brisson, Kelly Thompson, Charles Soule, Tini Howard, Charlamagne Tha God, Zac Thompson, Lonnie Nadler, Vita Ayala, Styles P, Cullen Bunn, Jean Grae, Esoteric, Sina Grace, Al Ewing, Leah Williams, Marco Failla, Kris Anka, Ryan Browne, and so many more, you won’t want to miss the festivities in this issue!

Editor Jordan D. White, explains: “There are 24 one page stories set from December 1st through 24th, and then a 6 pager set on the 25th! 25 X-Men holiday stories from a ton of today’s top creators!” Get ready for it all in this oversized X-Men spectacular! 

Read MERRY X-MEN #1 on December 5!

MERRY X-MEN #1 cover by David Nakayama



Jean Grey as Phoenix.

lucianovecchio: X-Women! Commission for @jamie…


X-Women! Commission for @jamiefayx #xmen #xwomen #mutants #marvel #marvelcomics #kittypryde #storm #jeangrey #rogue #emmafrost #psylocke #husk #rachelsummers #dazzler #jubilee #dannymoonstar #firestar #polaris #mutantandproud

kevinwada: Jean Grey redesign for Flame Con 20…


Jean Grey redesign for Flame Con 2018′s Designing X-Women IV panel.

She was a very hard character to redesign – probably the hardest we’ve ever done.  I went very simple.  Her silhouette was the most important thing, as well as making her look and feel ferocious and sleek.  “Make her look badass,” I kept thinking to myself.  It was also necessary to update her hairdo, as most artists don’t give a second thought to that.  Beyonce On The Run II hair felt very modern and appropriate, especially paired with her iconic headpiece.  I loved the idea of one arm flaming up when she’s using her powers.  Someone mentioned to me later that her fiery arm looks like it’s turning into talons and I pretended that was on purpose :P.



Jean and Storm by Amelia Vidal.



the phoenix is coming.



A few years ago, I started drawing a bunch of 80’s X-Women for someone who (I believe) is getting some elaborate tattoo made of all of them. Drew a few more for him recently and, since it’s been awhile, thought I’d repost some past ones for context. Still surprisingly happy with how these gals turned out. I’ll have some new ones to share starting Monday.