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Avengers: Endgame’s full plot has apparently leaked online!

I don’t know how true, or how detailed the ‘leak’ is, so here’s a warning I’d like to share to my many passionate followers if this does end up being true…

Take great care online from here on out, resist temptation, look out for trolls, or if you’ve read the plot yourself (intentional or accidental) don’t ruin the movie for others!

There’s no question, Endgame is the biggest movie experience in history. Don’t let it be ruined by view-hungry articles that would rather disregard morals and ethics for the sake of posting “Breaking News”.

If it’s all true, I’m not happy. And I’m angry at any news outlet that has not only told the world that it has leaked, but has proceeded to spread said leaks to a large audience.

Due to this, I unfortunately won’t be as active on my blog in terms of reading messages you send me, simply to avoid any potential trolls.

So from here on out, until you’ve seen the movie yourself, I advise you NOT to delve into any comment sections for things I will be posting from now, on the off-chance there are horrible people around. If you desperately need to write a comment, be sure not to accidentally read other people’s comments just in case. I’d hate knowing any of my followers had the movie spoilt for them.

Rest assured though, whatever I post will always be spoiler-free.

Take care everyone, and be sure to warn your friends!







1. How many more deaths occurred as a result of the snap, such as pilots of planes disappearing that sent the passengers plummeting, people driving cars and buses etc? How many suicides were there due to the loss of loved ones and the trauma? The lack of certain people in particular job roles no longer existing which effects the health and well-being of dependant people? Nevermind all the unattended babies and children.

2. Does everyone eventually put on a smiley face, like do people carry on with their lives, watching trivial reality TV etc?

3. Is there more crime or less crime? Statistically there’d potentially be half the criminals, but would people act crazily and feel like they can riot and get away with things as law and governments crumble?

4. How much does the public and the government know? The Avengers knew what was up, but have they explained what’s happened to the world leaders? Are governments angry with the Avengers, or are they stressing an importance not to tell the public. If the public know, do they know to the full extent. If they don’t know, what lies have they been told? Have they been lied to for the own safety, or to simply avoid mass hysteria.

5. If the Avengers manage to revert the snap in some way, will it be sunshine and rainbows, or will people have no memory of what happened due to time/reality alterations? Let’s say that everyone remembers what happened, and the dusted people remember being dusted, and the loved ones they left behind remember it happening too, what happens to the people that were starting to move on with their lives with new homes, families and ambitions? The dusted folk would still be the same. They’d think the same, enjoy the same things and still love the same people, so what if they come back and their significant others have moved on, or their jobs have been taken? What if the only people they know have killed themselves due to being alone at the time?

6. Is the world technically a better place thanks to Thanos? Were his actions thought through, or did he choose to ignore the near-countless negative effects the snap would have to ensure he achieved his goal and nothing more? Does that make him stubborn and arrogant? Is he uncaring for the masses’ ruined lives, or does he care too much for the sake of the universe, which brought him to snap his fingers in the first place.

Do you guys have any questions? If so, let me know and I’ll give you my opinions!






Promo Art!

We finally get a proper look at the original six’s outfits; oh how far we’ve come! Iron-Man sporting a more original comic book colour scheme, Cap rocking the scaled chest, Hulk and Banner joining forces to kick ass, Black Widow with a very comic accurate uniform, Hawkeye/Ronin conveniently hiding the majority of his suit, and Thor about to strike down big time!

Loving the other poster too. All the survivors in one place. If the promo art looks that cool, I can’t wait for the actual theatrical poster!

What do you guys think? Let me know!



Note: I haven’t posted anything lately because I broke my phone on holiday and I’ve only just got a new one! Yes, I saw the Endgame Superbowl spot and it was amazing!






After finishing Frank Castle’s second season, I’ve come to the conclusion that he has a secret superpower… which is a never-ending supply of blood!

Jokes aside, I enjoyed season 2 as much as the first, if not more. The fight/action scenes were certainly better, and you can see all the hard work that went into them.

It’s as brutal as expected, and as brutal as you’d want it. I found myself cringing a few times, disgusted by the grotesque ‘happenings’ on screen (in a good way!)

The cast were great, old and new. There were no characters I didn’t care for. The themes of redemption, revenge and doubt resonated through everyone in their own ways.

When dealing with someone like Frank, there is an evident grey area and several fine lines between good and bad, which is what I enjoyed about it. You see characters reluctantly stray from their morals to lend a hand, or make the Punisher’s life that more difficult. Either way, it makes for compelling story telling.

In summary, Jon Bernthal does the manic, deadly character justice once again. You slowly witness his devolution from man to straight up rampant gorrila. He’s a total badass! An animalistic stampede from start to finish.

What did you guys think? Avoid spoilers.


My SPIDER-MAN: Far From Home Theory

Mysterio has totally generated/summoned the elementals himself because he wants to look like a superhero. He’s basically just an egotistical fanboy! In the middle of fighting one of the elementals, Spidey will show up and throw Mysterio off guard. He’ll have to lie and work alongside Spidey for the most part, until Spidey discovers that Mysterio is the cause of the elementals.

Side note: I really dig Mysterio in this!