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Billythebrick Cosplay (Loki)
doubletakeproductions (Iron Man) / 📷: AdventureEpic_Photography
Elias Garcia (Iceman) / 📷: (Spider-Man) / 📷: Whiskytasters
@mister_maximoff_cosplay (Xavier from ‘House of X’) / 📷:
Brooke Flowers
Shawn Richter & Gavin Richter (Captain America & Coulson) / 📷:


Just stop now, it’s embarrassing. I’ve tried to be reserved on this matter, since I’m a very passionate fan of the MCU, so for me to defend it will no doubt make me look like a cranky fanatic, but I’m well aware these movies aren’t perfect, so my opinion is far from biased. It’s okay to dislike these movies and even go so far as to hate them, but to consider them the same movie each time as well as saying they’re not cinema is sad. The MCU is a series – each film is an episode. Don’t judge the MCU when you haven’t watched it, especially with such disgust.

The character investment and interconnectivity of these movies mirrors that of a TV show, so to say these movies suck, I assume these sorts of people must also watch one or two episodes of a TV show out of context and come up with an incomplete and invalid conclusion to the show as a whole? No? Then why is a series of films any different? The answer is it’s not. Marvel movies make money, and there’s about 3 or 4 of them released every year; THAT’S what these people don’t like about the MCU, nothing else – they just try to justify their sourness by attacking the film’s quality instead.

These films are made by an incredibly diverse group of passionate minds. If you put these films in the same “Superhero” box then of course you’re going to be blind to what they truly are. Yes, these films have superheroes in them, but each film has its own story, style, tone, and most importantly, genre. If you fail to see that then that’s you’re own fault, but most importantly, it’s you’re own loss. The MCU deserves the success it continues to get, simply because it continues to appeal. Jealousy isn’t a good look for anyone, but it looks worst of all on other filmmakers, because the jealously shines more blatant.


It’s week 2 of COSTOBERFEST, and we’re spotlighting some more favorites! Want to be featured? Email!

PoolieD (Deadpool) / 📷: Soul Studios
Fullmetal Fearie (Loki)
/ 📷: UMO Photo
Nerd Truth (Loki)

/ 📷: RGL Customs

Grady and Jesse (Archangel & Wolverine)
Auburnkt (Captain Marvel)
/ 📷: Bokeh Photo

Tashi.o Geekgirl Cosplay (Spider-Woman)
/ 📷: Eddie Wilson

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Week 1 of Marvel’s COSTOBERFEST is here, and we’re spotlighting some of our favorites!

Goblin City Cosplay (Scarlet Witch) / 📷: BriLan Photography

Rex Adams (Captain America) / 📷: Annette Wamser

Coulson Lives Cosplay (Coulson)

Jake Ross (Infinity War Spider-Man) / 📷: Mick Barnes

Dandy Andy Cosplay (Endgame Captain America) / 📷: Chris Ly

Spicy Thai Design (Nova) / 📷: Little-Noise Photography

Brady (Spider-Man Noir) / 📷: Spencer Olson

Beckster’s Lab Cosplay (Wolverine) / 📷: Shane Taylor

Tech Tony (Ant-Man)

Marco (Spider-Man) / 📷: Adventur_EpicPhotography

It always sucks when a director you idolise and admire talks poopy about the MCU. Oh well, art is subjective afterall!

Personally, I feel as though whenever someone big goofs on the MCU, chances are they haven’t even watched it as a whole, or they’ve watched one or two out of context at the very least. It’s like one big series afterall.

I don’t wanna sound defensive, but they can’t ignore the delight of fans, and the passion and commitment from the diverse groups of directors and producers that have contributed towards the MCU. And not to sound dramatic, but these films are a big part of my life, hence why I’m talking to you lot about it now!

What do you guys think of his statement?

September 28, 2005: Today in Marvel History in 2005, Scarlet Witch uttered 3 words that rocked the Marvel Universe – “NO MORE MUTANTS.” (x)

“An offer you can’t refuse…”

This makes me even more annoyed because Happy says to Peter, “I don’t think Tony would’ve done what he did, if didn’t know you’d be here when he was gone,” or something like that. It just ruins the sentiment and the motives of the movie, since the whole plot of Far From Home revolves around what Tony left behind for Peter, in case of an untimely death. Bruh, the only untimely death around here is Spidey’s departure from the MCU! Can you tell I’m annoyed?