Category: mental health

So, I got home from work and after involuntarily napping, I woke up and looked across to my Infinity Gauntlet on the shelf… then I wondered… what would I use the Infinity Stones for?

– I want the Mind stone to rid my head of stress and anxiety, as well as know what other people are thinking about me so that I’m not constantly paranoid

– The Power stone to strengthen my weakening will to live, and to provide me with the much needed daily energy I require

– The Space stone to escape social interactions in an instant, and locate the remotest of locations to hide within

– The Reality stone to make myself truly invisible to the world, and to manifest my inner demons into living beings, so then I at least have people to talk to

– The Time stone to rewind my life and do stuff for myself instead, to see how differently my life would’ve panned out

– And the Soul stone to deactivate my existence whenever I deem myself unfit to function, sort of like a ‘Hibernate Mode’

What about you guys?