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Quick sketch of the lovely and deadly Mystique! I always liked her forehead skull outfit, the colors/ shapes work so well together.


I’m not sorry I sent you to hell, you know. I hope it was awful. I hope you suffered. I hope it broke something inside you that can never be fixed. It makes me happy to think that. You deserved it, every bit of it.”


Mystique! I gotta tell you, I seem to have a thing for shapeshifters shapeshifting into/out of Carol’s old Ms Marvel look.

Sketchcard, 2.5×3.5 inches, ink marker and paint on bristol.


Mystique headshot



Wolverines #4 (2015)
pencil & ink by Ariela Kristantina
color by Sonia Oback


A few years ago, I started drawing a bunch of 80’s X-Women for someone who (I believe) is getting some elaborate tattoo made of all of them. Drew a few more for him recently and, since it’s been awhile, thought I’d repost some past ones for context. Still surprisingly happy with how these gals turned out. I’ll have some new ones to share starting Monday.

The entire plot of ‘Dark Phoenix’ has allegedly leaked due to test screenings and is all over the internet. Take it with a grain of salt. Even if it is legit (seems to be), note that the movie is doing major reshoots in November that will supposedly drastically change the third act of the movie. 


Replicating the effect of a palette knife using digital tools, this portrait of Mystique is absolutely masterful.

“Fanart Friday – Mystique” by TheOneWithBear.

X-Men: Dark Phoenix Release Date Pushed Back To February 14 2019


wolverines #7 is out today

written by Charles Soule, art by me, colours by Matt Wilson