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why-i-love-comics: Iceman #3 (2018) written by…


Iceman #3 (2018)

written by Sina Grace
art by Nathan Stockman & Federico Blee


SPIDER-MAN: Far From Home!

What did you guys think to the trailer?



Um, you know I was gonna HAVE to do fanart of a super colorful movie.



What’s up danger?



My sister and I had the pleasure of having an early screening of Enter the Spider-Verse tonight. I’ve been intrigued by this film since it was first announced, and my hype grew the more I saw and learnt about it. Cinema is rife with superheroes now – you either love it or hate it (or don’t care, whatever), so it’s imperative that every new “Superhero” installment is fresh to ensure its worthiness. As time goes on, it becomes more and more difficult to stand out, but Enter the Spider-Verse had no problems with that.

With Sony co-owning the rights to Spidey, they’re restricted as to what they can cook up for the big screen, since the MCU has the biggest hand in the jar. One might assume that doing an animated Spider-Man franchise is something Sony are doing for the sake of it, due to the fact that they can’t do a live-action Spidey whilst Marvel Studios runs the show with Tom Holland. Enter the Spider-Verse doesn’t feel like a barrel scrape, or an ‘out of other options’ move by Sony – it feels like a perfect blossoming of something that’s bound to be a game changer.

Onto the film: We follow young Miles juggling his promising school life with everything else we all expect a teenager to have on their plate. After certain events, he finds himself unwillingly adopting similar abilities to the (not so) one and only Peter Parker Spider-Man, who is seen as a superhero veteran in Mile’s universe. Things quickly escalate and before you know it, Spider-people from alternate dimensions explode into Mile’s, causing comedic chaos, and diverse action and excitement.

Miles is easy to resonate with – they got the awkward teenager feel down perfectly. This is definitely his film, but every other Spider-person has a chance to shine. Noticable stand outs for me were Nicholas Cage’s Noir Spidey; surprisingly funny and charming, and the aged Peter Parker. I love the reluctant teacher vibe he has, and the sloppy, less-caring attitude too. You can tell that his prime has packed its bags and left him a long while ago, so it’s kind of up to Miles to reignite the spark as they save the world/dimension.

The animation was stellar. A mad mix of comic panels, the distorted stereoscopic focusing, vibrant colours and on-screen sound effects mashed themselves together to bring something truly unique. I can’t get over the art style. I love it. There’s so many different features to apprechiate. Animation is great for superheroes, as live-action movements are obviously limited to what the human body can do, plus physics and whatnot. With animation, you can make the character do as you please. Seeing the multiple Spideys thwip around and fight in their own styles all at once was a never-ending pleasure.

Animation also allows slapstick comedy to work at its best. I’d say, before watching this movie, embrace the slapstick humor and you’ll have an awesome time because the goofy, elaborate calamities provide an additional layer of entertainment. And that’s not me saying, “this movie is an episode of the Looney Tunes,” because it isn’t – the action scenes are extremely well structured, but most importantly, this film offers so much heart and emotion – Miles is finding himself as a person, and that’s before he’s even been bit. Self-identity, belonging, self-worth and duty drives Morales from start to finish. His relationships with his parents, uncle, and fellow Spideys are my favourite moments.

Enter the Spider-Verse was a wild, vivid, abstract, fun, and heartwarming roller coaster from start to end, accompanied with a pretty dope soundtrack too, just to top it all off! Oh, and stick around ’til the end of the credits (as if I have to tell you that!) I’ll be going to see it again as soon as it’s properly released! What I’ll say to anyone that’s put off by the fact that it’s animated: these properties are based from comics after all – give it a try… this is where they work at their best. Plus… I’m gonna go ahead and say it… believe it or not, out of all the Spider-Man franchises out there, I’d say this is probably my favourite Spidey film ever!

Just thought I’d add, I was given the opportunity to watch this early screening thanks to MediCinema – they build, install and run state-of-the-art cinemas in hospitals and places of care, giving patients and their families the fun and escapism that a night at the movies provides – they bring the big screen to them! How cool! 100% of the box office proceeds from tonight’s screening is going right to them, which I’m extremely happy about. If you’d like to know more about them and perhaps donate, you can check them out here:



(Plus Theory!)

Apart from looking incredibly delightful, I can’t help but wonder what insignia is meant to be on that little circle patch on the chest. There’s certainly meant to be something on there… but Marvel are clearly wanting to keep it a secret. My guess: S.H.I.E.L.D!

With that being the case, I think this movie (and stick with me here) is going to be in an alternate reality! Think about it; we’re getting a CONFIRMED Spidey trailer on Saturday (if you didn’t know that – surprise!) but how are they going to advertise something for a character that’s currently dead/dust. At the very least, we should’ve had an Avengers 4 trailer that’s shown that he’s alive, to an extent, in some way, shape or form. Instead of the trailer just showing Spidey as though nothing’s happened post Infinity War, I have a feeling it’ll start with him being like, “Where am I?” kind of thing, as he wakes up in an alternate reality where S.H.I.E.L.D hasn’t collapsed and he’s actually a part of it, hence Fury’s and Maria Hill’s inclusion in the movie too, and he’s thrown straight into the deep end whilst trying to explain to everyone that he’s from an alternate reality.

Otherwise, it’d be weird releasing a trailer for a ‘dead’ character before we found out why and how he’s no longer dust, unless the Avengers 4 trailer drops before the Spidey one, but then that just makes things worse; we’d see Spidey in the Avengers 4 trailer, revealed to still be alive to some extent, and then we see the Far From Home trailer, thus voiding whatever anticipation we have for Spidey’s fate in Avengers 4. Does that make sense? Am I making any sense? Haha. Plus, the alternate reality theory goes with the “Far From Home” title.

I’m probably wrong, but you heard it here first! Theory copyrighted by SuperMovieManiac, tell your friends! 😂

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Spider-Man vs. Venom by Petr Stovik

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It’s sad to say but the time has finally come. Stan Lee age 95 has passed away today (11/12/18). May we remember him in all his glory. He was such a “Marvel.”

Here is a link to every cameo he has ever done:

I wanna cry

Wakandan Vibranium spiderman by Jason Patrona…

Wakandan Vibranium spiderman by
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Spidey is a lucky guy! by
Del’ Otto

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