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I half didn’t want to post this, because as much as I feel the need to warn my fellow Marvel fans, this post also notifies all the sad saps that will not only happily check out the major spoilers, but also spread the leaked information/footage themselves.

It’s dangerous because there’s just as many impatient fans that will happily ruin the film for themselves as there are uncaring trolls that’ll ruin the movie for everyone, because they don’t have any emotional investment in this decade-long franchise.

All I’ll say is this; yes, there’s leaked footage online as well as footage descriptions, which has been confirmed to be major spoilery scenes by someone that works at Marvel. I was going to include a screenshot of the tweet but I just uninstalled Twitter. I’ve also got rid of YouTube and Instagram – I don’t go on Facebook much but I’ll probably uninstall that soon as well.

I know different countries have different social medias, so if you care about this franchise, I at least urge you to lower your usage on those apps/sites. There’s going to be footage, screenshots, video thumbnails, descriptions all over the place, so, I’ve said this before but, please be careful AND considerate.

If you’re a troll, don’t be a pathetic bottom-feeder of a human being… If you’re just an impatient fan that needs spoilers, hang in there, we’re at the final hurdle, you’ve waited this long, I’m sure you can wait a little longer.


“You know your teams, you know your missions. No mistakes… no do-overs. Look out for each other. This is the fight our lives”.



After a few rumours, we finally get confirmation via AMC theatres.

To those with weak bladders; the best of luck to you folk.

To those with children that can’t be left alone at home; the best of luck to you also.

To those that aren’t emotionally ready for this movie; do I have to say it?

There’s gonna be SO much story packed into this bad boy. Three whole hours of superhero badassery. With that sort of runtime, you can definitely tell this’ll be the culmination of over a decade of amazing story telling. This is beyond epic!





Scott with the Back to the Future vibes. How much time has passed? Is that Cassie’s house overgrown in the background? It’s all starting to sink in for him. Off to Avengers HQ you go for answers! It makes you wonder; was Ant-Man destined to be dusted by the snap, or did the Quantum Realm negate his disintegration? Or was he simply one of the lucky ones? If it is because the Quantum Realm protected him, then that’s crucial info which’ll benefit the Avengers greatly against the mad Titan.

War Machine finally getting some love! An epic upgrade to compensate for all the minimal ones he’d tend to get. I’m betting Rocket had a hand in sprucing him up if I’m honest! Speaking of the little raccoon, check out his cool comicbook-style outfit! Complete with goggles for extra badassery. I’ve come to the conclusion that every shot is automatically made awesome the moment Rocket is placed on someone’s shoulder!

Show of hands for everyone hoping that Nebula will be the surprise MVP? Everyone? Excellent! Nebs has had a pretty great arc since the first Guardians movie. If she doesn’t necessarily strike the finishing blow on her old Pops, I’m sure she’ll still have multiple great moments. Karen Gillan, my word, you were born to play Nebula! She’s incredibly underated in this ensemble, and this shot right here proves why she’s in this movie.

So much emotion in this shot, accompanied with the buckle-up shield strap just before. A selfless man at the brink of breaking point must not be underestimated. He doesn’t like bullies, he doesn’t care where they come from. He fights because it’s the right thing to do, so I believe we’re going to witness something incredible right here! Calling it now; this is when we’ll finally hear him say, “Avengers… assemble!”

Some people are saying these are Quantum suits, some are saying they’re simply space suits. Either way, they’re awesome! If I had to chose a side, I’d very much go with Quantum suits. Looking at Cap’s outfit in particular, I do get Ant-Man vibes from it. I don’t think these will be their prime suits for the movie however – just for a few sequences I think. It makes you wonder how much planning has gone into their endeavour, since they’ve had time to get cute outfits together and even pop a nifty “Avengers” logo on them.

Go Nebula! From doing Ronan’s dirty work and despising her sister, to marching along side Earth’s mightiest heroes. I don’t think it’s much of a spoiler seeing her and Stark here, since none of us genuinely thought they’d be adrift on the Benatar forever. I wonder if Cap and Tony will be awkward for the most part and reluctantly shake hands, or if they’ll forget everything and jump straight to the hugging. Half of the universe is toast (dust), differences are bound to be put aside.

A cheeky stinger to remind us that yes, Carol is very much a part of this movie, so go watch Captain Marvel! “I like this one,” Thor chuckles. So do we, Thor, so do we! I think she and Thor would make an awesome power couple, being what are essentially the tanks of the team (sorry, Hulk, you too when you decide to show up!) Notice how Black Widow still has her Infinity War hair, yet during their Quantum suit-up shots, her hair is much longer, so there’s certainly been at least a year and a half worth of preparation involved.

These were my favourite shots from the trailer. Which ones did you guys like the most? Let me know!

Also, check out the trailer for the hundredth time below:



Haven’t watched it yet because I’m stuck at work! I imagine it’s amazing! Enjoy!


Not sure if this is real or not. If this is fan art, then it’s the best fan art I’ve ever seen!



Avengers: Endgame’s full plot has apparently leaked online!

I don’t know how true, or how detailed the ‘leak’ is, so here’s a warning I’d like to share to my many passionate followers if this does end up being true…

Take great care online from here on out, resist temptation, look out for trolls, or if you’ve read the plot yourself (intentional or accidental) don’t ruin the movie for others!

There’s no question, Endgame is the biggest movie experience in history. Don’t let it be ruined by view-hungry articles that would rather disregard morals and ethics for the sake of posting “Breaking News”.

If it’s all true, I’m not happy. And I’m angry at any news outlet that has not only told the world that it has leaked, but has proceeded to spread said leaks to a large audience.

Due to this, I unfortunately won’t be as active on my blog in terms of reading messages you send me, simply to avoid any potential trolls.

So from here on out, until you’ve seen the movie yourself, I advise you NOT to delve into any comment sections for things I will be posting from now, on the off-chance there are horrible people around. If you desperately need to write a comment, be sure not to accidentally read other people’s comments just in case. I’d hate knowing any of my followers had the movie spoilt for them.

Rest assured though, whatever I post will always be spoiler-free.

Take care everyone, and be sure to warn your friends!





There’s at least 20 more, but Tumblr limits me to 10 pictures per post. The recurring themes I can gather is that Brie Larson nails it, Captain Marvel is a badass, Goose the cat is a scene stealer, there’s so much cosmic awesomeness, and people are wanting the Skrulls to be the next big thing in the MCU (equivalent to what the Infinity Stones are at the moment). Everyone’s loving it!